Longhorn And Legumes

I took this photo of a nice longhorn bull last year in Comfort, Texas. The Texas Longhorn ancestors were brought to the new world by Spanish settlers. Some escaped and became feral. Longhorns are well-adapted to the climate and are extremely hardy, requiring little care.

The characteristics horns give them their common name. The breed almost went extinct in the early 1900s due to the desirability of other breeds because their meat is quite lean.


Texas Longhorn

This was one of several in a pasture near our lodging. I got as close as I could – a fence kept me from getting closer and that was probably good. He turned to look at me and I took the photo.

Earlier this year, I posted about a Texas Flowery Senna (Senna corymbosa) in our back yard. At that time, the plant was in full bloom and now it is covered with beautiful seed pods. It is a legume and thus produces the seed pods. I split one open, expecting to find peas, but instead the seeds are cylindrical and segmented.

I took this photo on a recent rainy day. The light is nice and soft and the senna’s leaves and seed pods are covered with water drops.


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