Lake Kyle Park

I visited Lake Kyle Park today. It opened in 2012 and is the headquarters of the Kyle Parks and Recreation Department. It’s a nice spot east of I-35 and in the middle of booming Kyle, Texas.

Lake Kyle is a managed park. It was purchased using grants from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Hays County. The grants came with several conditions such as preserving natural habitat, protecting water quality, and guaranteeing that flood-control easements are not compromised.

There are four nature trails with about four miles of trails. There’s also an amphitheater, a pavilion, picnic areas, and a playscape.

A few park visitors were fishing. There’s a sign at the entrance that says Lake Kyle is a catch-and-release lake. You need a fishing license if you’re over 17. The lake has three species of perch and is stocked with channel catfish.

You can see one of Kyle’s neighborhoods right next to the park.


Lake Kyle Fishing

I’m not a bird photographer, but I just happened to see this one flying by and tried to catch it. I think it’s a Great Blue Heron, but I’m not sure. I was only able to get two shots and this is a cropped version of the better one.

Can anyone confirm the identification?


Great Blue Heron


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